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Drive shopper traffic.

WAIVPAY’s Gift Cards drive engaged shopper traffic to retailers. Beautifully customised digital and physical gift cards for unique brand experiences. Gain deep insights into shopper behaviour and customer engagement.

Eftpos PhysicalCustom Branded Cards

WAIVPAY is Australia’s largest supplier of gift card programs to independent shopping centres.

Your brand is powerful, and the best way to incentivise and reward is by providing your own personalised branded card. Beautifully designed with your chosen artwork, WAIVPAY’s eftpos cards increase brand awareness, cements loyalty and increases sales. Each card can store value from $5 to $4,999.

Pair with WAIVPAY Qube for deep insights into customer behaviours and traffic analytics.

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Total Card Value
Effective Spend

How do I use my physical eftpos card to redeem in-store?

  1. 1Simply swipe your gift card at the payment terminal anywhere eftpos is accepted.
  2. 2Select SAVINGS and enter the PIN on the back of your gift card.
  3. 3Check your balance and card expiry date anytime by clicking Check Balance

Coming Soon…

We're building the next generation digital gifting platform. Want to know when it's ready?

Digital Platform
Digital Gift CardsComing Soon

Coming soon from WAIVPAY: a digital card in your shoppers’ mobile wallets. We’re building the new digital way for your customers to shop with gift cards.

Since COVID-19, how popular are digital giftcards?

Digital & eGift
Increased by12%
Physical Giftcards
Decreased by6%
Paper Giftcards
Decreased by4%
Source: Card Industry Insights

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