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Waivpay is the largest supplier of gifting solutions to independent shopping centres in Australia.

Waivpay’s suite of products allow shopping centres the ability to service their customers as and when required require.

Supporting Mastercard digital and EFTPOS physical cards. All funds are held in trust to protect your customer and supported by an Australian based customer service team.

Branded Shopping Centre App


  • Centre branded mobile app.
  • Save cards to mobile wallet.
  • Balance and transaction history of either physical or digital card.
  • Buy a centre branded gift card from the app.
  • Digital retailer cards sold from the app earning centre's revenue.
  • My Receipt rewards functionality with stage loyalty.

Phase Two

  • Car Parking
  • Centre Mapping

Physical card to digital card & digital card to physical card *

* Only available on mastercard products

WAIVPAY is trusted by Australia's leading shopping centres, brands and retailers

PlatformGifting Solutions

Waivpay is the largest supplier of Gifting Solutions to independent shopping centres in Australia. Managing over 165 shopping centres (growing daily) which service 20,000 + individual retailers. Our suite of solutions includes our shopping centre app that allows your centre to have a branded app and branded digital card, a 24/7 gift card kiosk, a concierge for the customer service desk, and a Webstore for online purchases; Waivpay has you covered.

We support both Mastercard for digital cards and EFTPOS for physical cards. Of course, all funds are held in trust to protect your customers and supported by an Australian customer service team that has you covered while your centres are open.

GIFTING | LOYALTYDigital Gift Card

Your brand is powerful and what better way to showcase your brand than having it in a digital wallet? Get ahead of your competitors by rewarding your staff, clients or customers with a branded app and branded card in the Apple or Google digital wallet.

Beautifully designed cards with your chosen artwork, WAIVPAY’s digital Mastercard boosts brand awareness, cements loyalty and increases sales. Each card can store value from $5 to $1,000.

Pair with WAIVPAY Qube for deep insights into customer behaviours and traffic analytics.

Eftpos CardsPhysical Gift Card

WAIVPAY is Australia’s largest supplier of gift card programs to independent shopping centres.

Your brand is powerful, and the best way to incentivise and reward is by providing your own personalised branded gift card. Beautifully designed with your chosen artwork, WAIVPAY’s EFTPOS cards increase brand awareness, cements loyalty and increases sales. Each card can store value from $5 to $4,999.

Pair with WAIVPAY Qube for deep insights into customer behaviours and traffic analytics.

Traffic | EngagementWebstore Online Sales

The WAIVPAY’s gift card Webstore is a seamless and effortless solution to purchase a gift card directly through your website. Our Webstore platform is used by hundreds of centres throughout Australia, offering shoppers online purchase of physical gift cards, customised with your brand.

Perfect for shopper self-service, bulk promotional gift cards, loyalty programs and Christmas Clubs. Pair with WAIVPAY’s gift card kiosk to create online and physical delivery of branded gift cards.

ConciergeCustomer Service Desk

Industry’s leading secure, flexible, robust gift card platform.

WAIVPAY’s gift card point of sale solution (GiVVPOS) delivers these goals to your business.

For all your gift card processing, production, and fulfillment requirements, WAIVPAY makes it easy to start a gift card program tailored to your needs. Using our comprehensive web portal, GiVVPOS provides real time management for all aspects of your gift card program.

Load gift cards from any online PC, laptop, or mobile device. Single and bulk loading options for corporate or marketing incentives. Search, track and access real time reporting of all issued gift cards and transactions. User multi-permissions to manage your corporate operational, managerial, and executive reporting needs.

Self-Service Delivery PlatformDigital Retailer Store

On-premise digital store for fundraising, loyalty and community building

WAIVPAY’s digistore is a white-labelled store front for digital retailer store cards. Embed into your website to offer your members, customers and staff the best retailer store cards and perks. You have complete control over stock, quantity and discount with full reporting and budget controls.

Retailer cards are offered at a discount for you to make margin on each and every sale. Fundraising has never been so simple!

Engagement | LoyaltyMy Receipt Rewards

Allows a simple, cost-effective method of distributing funds and rewards whilst driving traffic to nominated retailers. Automate your rewards, incentives or stimulus programs in our consumer self-service portal.

The customer journey is simple! Purchase an eligible product, upload a receipt into customised portal, add a few personal details and hit send! Once approved by WAIVPAYs team, customer receives funds into their account in 3-5 business days.

Our enterprise-grade application can manage programs of all sizes, from a few hundred claims to thousands of claims. We deliver detailed program reports such as: time of day, products purchased, and value approved. The engine provides partners with a real-time dashboard to track every dollar .


Actionable reporting to increase engagement and shopper traffic

Gain deep understanding of the effectiveness of your campaigns and customer engagement with WAIVPAY Qube. Discover, interrupt and communicate meaningful patterns of shoppers’ and customers’ behaviours. WAIVPAY Qube delivers effective reporting, decision making and invaluable forecasting to get the most value of your shopping centre assets and customers’ wallets.

ReportingFast, real-time, accurate reporting of your gift-card and cashback campaigns.

AnalyticsAnalyse shopper behaviour to deeply understand engagement and campaign effectiveness.

ForecastingCreate predictions for scenarios that add value to your brand and shopping centre assets.

Decision MakingCreate strategic initiatives with actionable, competitive, executive information.

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